HYGIENIC HEALTHY TASTY-this is our short description

we first focus on the HYGIENE and HEALTH and then equally on the TASTE.

we maintain 24 hours HYGIENE  in our OUTLET, KITCHEN and STORE ROOM.

we use different types of MICRO FIBRE NAPKINS to ensure 100% CLEAN and HYGIENIC ambience.

we use high quality LIQUID DETERGENT for washing our utensils.
we use high quality FLOOR and GLASS CLEANERS.

we maintain a DECENT and PLEASENT ambience always.

we serve PURITY with TASTE.

our outlet is FSSAI approved.

we are ISO certified company.


we have a range of 25+ PRODUCTS of six categories like PANIPURI, BHEL, CHURAN, BASKET CHAAT, CHAAT BOWL and DAHI CHAAT.

we use ALKALINE WATER to cook and prepare our products.

we don’t wash our vegetables with tap water.

we wash them with ALKALINE WATER as it removes all kinds of RESIDUES  from vegetables.

we don’t use ready made MASALAS, we make them ourselves.

our all products are NUTRITION RICH and HEALTHY.

above all,

our all products will give satisfaction of eating and taste to you.

also they will make your digestive system happy, as our food is stomach friendly.


PANI PURI is one of the most favorite snacks of almost everyone of any gender and all the age groups. PANI PURI stalls can be found at almost every corner of the roads or shopping complexes.

PANI PURI is if formed by combining the two words “PANI” and “PURI” The major constituents of PANI PURI are PANI, PURI, CHANA (GRAM) or RAGADA (PEAS CHOOLE) as filling stuff in the PURI.


or SALT-MASALA  to sprinkle on the PURI.